"My hairdresser has… like no idea what she’s doing. She cut way too much hair off."



Okay, I just saw this on a post, and you know what? I have to say something.

In my experience, most women will come in for a haircut, and their favorite sentence is “Oh, I just want an inch off.” 

That’s fine, that’s great. I love it when someone comes in for just a trim, because it means they found a style that suits them, and they like it enough to stick with it. It’s an even better feeling when you were the one to do that haircut on them in the first place.

One mistake I can assure you I will only make once, though is not asking “Can you hold up your fingers and show me what you think is an inch?”

Every time you ask that question, it is likely that you will get a different answer, and more often than not, their idea of an inch is, well… not an inch. Sometimes it’s more than in inch, rarely, they’re spot on, but more often than not, their fingers are about half-an-inch apart. Sometimes, they think a quarter of an inch is an inch.

I have a comb with a 6 inch ruler on it, and I always show them what an actual inch is. Fairly often, when I do that, I’m asked if I’m bluffing, or simply told that I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m told I wrote those numbers on my comb because I just want to cut too much hair off. 

Yep. That’s me. A big fat meanie who would like to make you think you look terrible so you never come back to see me again, and probably hate your hair so much you refuse to pay for your service. You caught me!

There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting someone to look their best, and putting out your best work possible, and having the client hate it. Not because it looks terrible, but because they failed to communicate exactly what they want. Because they assume that what they think is an inch is actually an inch.

And don’t even get me started on people who want “like six inches off because it’s time for a big change” and then when you ask them to show you how much they think six inches is and they hold their fingers usually no more than an inch and a half apart. They are the hardest to make happy.

If you cut off the inch and a half they were actually looking for, it’s not a big enough change. If you cut off the six inches they thought they wanted off, they think they’ve been scalped.

But I can assure you, we did not cut too much off your hair just for shits and giggles. As much as I love doing hair, at the end of the day, it is my job. If you are unhappy and don’t pay, I make no money. You most likely won’t come back, and you are going to talk shit about me every time you see someone for weeks. There is no benefit to fucking up your hair.

Maybe your hairdresser isn’t as clueless as you think she is. Maybe, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Maybe she gave you exactly what you asked for. It’s not our fault you walked in with literally no concept of what an inch is.

I’ve been thinking about this rant lately because it has become very relevant to my work life lately.

Fuckin people.

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Issue #11. Click HERE to view it. Reblog to spread the zine!

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Issue #11. Click HERE to view it. Reblog to spread the zine!

Click here to see older issues.

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knowing that he’s barely holding back tears here makes me want to sob for 6 months straight

you guys realise five minutes after this shot he was in his trailer crying brb throwing myself into the sun

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I swear to God the most impressive thing Martha Jones ever did had nothing to do with walking the Earth and saving everyone and their aunt multiple times.

Nope, I’m much more impressed with her inhuman patience and self-control and the fact that she did NOT grab the Doctor by his poofy front lock and bash his head against concrete until he regenerated into something with a few more manners.

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um clearly you guys got your facts wrong. the world doesnt end until the year 5,000,000,000. it was on the second episode of doctor who dont tell me you skipped nine.

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If children wrote the movie scripts

I’m crying. There are literally tears.

reblogged it only because of the way she says “basketball”


This is actually the best thing I’ve ever seen omfg

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okay this is the best cinnamon challenge video ever 


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this just sounds like a nasty ass fart

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i was dying.


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